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Introducing biology

Since now, I will try to free (or make public) a new project every month. These projects mainly come from a private incubator I handle at

This month, I released biology : a study to train a neural network to handle Non-Playable Characters. This is a C++ gui application using wxwidgets as GUI toolkit. Another dependency is libfann, a neural network library.

How to use github API on a static webpage

For the new rainbrurpg homepage, I would like to dynamically add the github's repositories status, for example the last commits.

Introducing librlgl

Today, I'm freeing a new rainbrurpg-related project. Its repository is now located at This library will be a fundamental piece in the RainbruRPG's ecosystem, providing the graphical content of the game client.

This code is designed to be used as a git submodule (as libwsmeta) to provide dependency check and library building. The aim of this project is to define a DSL used to generate and use complete 3D worlds.

How to use MongoDB on travis-ci

Using continuous integration for rainbrurph, I need the mongodb database and C libraries. Unfortunately, I had issue using it on Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS, the distribution used on travis-ci.

To make it work, we'll have to :
install database components from the official MongoDB repositories;manually build the latest release of the official C libraries;add /usr/local/ to ld.conf to make your build system discover the newly installed library.

Introducing headers-date

As seen in my previous introducing posts, for example the libwsmeta and todoSummarizer ones, I'm currently freeing some private projects. So a few weeks ago, I released a new ruby project : headers-date.

When a new year starts, all headers of all projects must be updated with the new year. This project will help you search for copyright date and eventually sort these files.

RainbruRPG switched to revision 255

RainbruRPG revision 254 is done and since the last announcement many client imporvements have been implemented :

In-game resolution change using Alt++ and Alt+- keybindings;configuration is saved after full screen status/resolution change;GUI is not scaling anymore;a temporary message prints the full screen status/resolution change;better screen resolution handling to avoid segfault on resolution change. You can download this release at github.
Next release will focus on new options handling and maybe a profile gamestate.

How to modernize your autotools scripts

I have many old projects using autotools as build system, but for oldest projects, some files need to be updated.