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Showing posts from October, 2016

RainbruRPG switched to revision 252

This post follows the revision 251 announcement. With this new revision, we added a (ugly) logo, a version overlay and started to implement a Not Yet Implemented dialog.
This version also fixes several client segfaults.

The next revision will have to fully handle the NyiDialog (based on the brand new CeguiDialog class) and maybe start to implement local test, a way to test the game without an external server.

You can download this release here.

Introducing libwsmeta

I would like to speak about a new project : libwsmeta, a C metaserver library intended to be used for several projects including rainbrurpg and rainbrurph.

This library will have to search for a server list. I've designed it to be included in cmake-based project.

RainbruRPG switched to revision 251

RainbruRPG's revision 250 is over and the CEGUI part of the client is back.

The main change in is this revision is the dependencies : the client now depends on CEGUI 0.8, not 0.7. That's a major dependency upgrade and unfortunately this version isn't available as official Debian package, so you have to manually build it.

The next revision will have to handle GUI events from layout files and fix some segfaults, especially due to the OGRE configuration.

You can download this release here.

Using a JQuery datepicker in meteorjs

Today's work on mrt-manager was to add a JQuery datepicker widget to the news addition modal dialog.

Introducting the todoSummarizer's help viewer

Today's commit was about a help viewer for todoSummarizer. All this code resides in the lib/MainWindow.rb

Since this project uses GTK, I decided to use an external help viewer : yelp.

The project already have a texinfo manual, so it's all about generating HTML from info and pass the corrcet URI to yelp.
Generating HTML manual To generate HTML from an info file you only need to run the following command :
makeinfo --html todoSummarizer.texinfo It will create a new directory containing some HTML files.
Calling yelp from ruby I also have some issues with Dir.pwd() so I didn't use it. Instead I used the __dir__ ruby function.

Appart for the error checking code, calling yelp from ruby is only three lines away :
yelp = find_executable("yelp") uri = "file://#{dir.to_path}/../doc/todoSummarizer/index.html" { cmd = system("#{yelp} #{uri}") } Result You now have a great manual/help viewer for your GTK-based GUI application :