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Showing posts from August, 2016

How to make a clickable label in Gtk2/ruby

Sometimes, you need a Gtk label, styled like a web link that opens an URL when you click. I need this widget for the todo-summarizer Gtk2 GUI and I don't like the look and feel of the Gtk LinkButton widget.

So, I wrote a custom ClickableLabel widget that handle the URL, opens your system's default web browser, shows the destination URL either in a tooltip or a status label and change the mouse cursor change when you hover it.

RainbruRPG switched to revision 250

The rainbrurpg's revision 249 is over and the building part of the transition to cmake is done.

During this revision, all sources moved to a single top-level src/ directory. The build process is now cmake-powered and after configuration, building only takes a 'make'.

Next revision will also be focused on the switch to git/cmake. For example, the translation files aren't correctly handled at this time (the msgmerge step is missing) and the continuous integration builds are still failing on clang compiler. We also have to build unit tests using cmake.

You can download this release here.

How to use sdl2 on travis-ci

If you're using Continuous Integration to improve your code quality, maybe you're using to test each commit and report errors.

To build rainbrurph, I need SDL2 libraries and headers, unfortunately, the build fail with the following error message :
E: Unable to locate package libsd2-dev