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Rainbrurph switch to revision 9

The revision 8 of rainbrurph is over : today, I switched to revision 9. It's not a major switch, the way I'm handling revision makes it even less than a minor version. Here is the changelog of this revision.

The whole revision was about segfault fixing and I failed. Issues are in the module handling and I can't fix these for instance so I postponed for further informations.

I  decided to publish it at github, so it becomes a free project, free as in publicly available.

I enabled Continuous Integration via  This should help me with code quality and regressions.

The next revision's goal is to have a at least one working client's launcher with options/renderer selection.

RainbruRPG's logger moved to OLD/ directory

Today's work (commits #821 and #822) is about code reorganization and the logger library.

Since I decided to switch to cmake and run integration tests, the multi-project layout was a mess.

Before the switch, every single binary/library has its own sub-directory and build system. The result is a bunch of different autotools scritps, each whith its own dependencies.