Mrt-manager and the meteor update process

This day was finally lost; dedicated to a side project called mrt-manager, my first public project written in meteor, a javascript framework.

The first thing in a meteor day is to see if it need an update using the meteor list command. If some packages version are followed by an asterisk (*), I generally issue a  meteor update one. Today, this command failed.

Meteor starts downloading meteor-tool@1.3.2_4 then stops at 77% and throw the following error :
throw new Error('Must throw non-empty error');
 After a while and some search, I finally found this answer and tried again. After a little check, I found my system free space was only 9 Mb.

After a short #apt-get clean, the free space's now 909 Mb and I can test again the whole update process. This take a long, very long time and didn't fix the issue : after downloading about 160 Mb of data, no progress bar anymore.

I also tested the meteor update --packages-only but most of the available packages were still upgradable. So, I decided to manually update indirect dependencies :
* iron:middleware-stack 1.0.11 (1.1.0 is available)
* practicalmeteor:chai 1.9.2_3 (2.1.0_1 is available)
* practicalmeteor:loglevel 1.1.0_3 (1.2.0_2 is available)
* npm-bcrypt 0.7.8_2 (0.8.5 is available)
Individual package update can be done with the meteor update <package_name> command.

The complete meteor update command finally went to 100% and continue downloading (more than 300 Mb) and the process finished with a complete up-to-date installation after the needed Selecting package versions and some individual downloading information messages.

I think the whole issue was because of a lack of space disk on the system partition. The final commit is finally showing nothing of this mess.


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