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Showing posts from May, 2016

Building openmw on Debian Jessie

openmw is an open source project rewritting Morrowind's engine, you'll need the original game to play. It's difficult to build openmw on Debian because we can't find all dependencies in official apt-get repositories. Here is my solution.

I'll not list all depndencies needed to manually build openmw, many of these libraries (Qt4,...) can be found using official packages manager (aptitude, synaptic). But some libraries can't be found.

How to use syntax highlighting with Blogger

Here is a development-themed blog, so I need a way to show you code fragments. The solution I would to test is code-prettify.

Before you modify the blogger's template, go to the template tab and download a complete backup of the current one. Modify the HTML code and add this line just before the </head> tag.

You have to choose options before inserting loader code, because you'll have to change the URL. The base URL is then, if you want to change the skin you have tp append ?skin=sons-of-obsidian to the URL. Please read official documentation for more informations and examples.

Adding a screenshot in a github's

Today's work is about a ruby project hosted at github.comtodo-summarizer, a tool I use to compute weekly statistics on my development tree, and the task is to enhance project documentation.

The github-flavored markdown-based README is already quite explicit but it tends to show this tool only has a terminal output, but since todo-summarizer also offers a GTK-based GUI, I'd like to add some screenshots of the running application.

Mrt-manager and the meteor update process

This day was finally lost; dedicated to a side project called mrt-manager, my first public project written in meteor, a javascript framework.

The first thing in a meteor day is to see if it need an update using the meteor list command. If some packages version are followed by an asterisk (*), I generally issue a  meteor update one. Today, this command failed.