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How to use in a C/C++ project

If you need a good code coverage  web reporting tool for a github-hosted project, may be your next best friend. I'm already using it on  biology  and  rainbrurpg ). The present article is usable on a C/C++ project using cmake as build system and travis-ci as CI platform. screenshot Handling coverage in cmake You first need to install some package (at least on Debian GNU/Linux) : sudo apt install gcov lcov gcovr Then, copy the  CodeCoverage.cmake in a cmake/ directory inside your project's repository and add this line to your CMakeLists.txt file: set(CMAKE_MODULE_PATH ${CMAKE_MODULE_PATH} ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake) Generate coverage reports and send them Now, you need to modify your .travis.yml file and add this : after_success: # Creating report - cd ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR} - lcov --version - lcov --directory . --capture --output-file - lcov --remove '/usr/*' --output-file cover
Recent posts

Introducing gl-adventure

This month (February 2018), I'm freeing gl-adventure  (as I've already done for biology and librlgl ). A little dungeon crawl game written in C. The menu The game This project doesn't intend to create a beautiful game, so it's ugly. It is about learning C/opengl the hard way.

Headers-date switches to revision 14

This little ruby project , introduced earlier in this post , used to test the GNU headers' dates for a complete project, just switched to revision 14. This project, and in the near future all of my public projects, uses an online coverage tool provided by . This online coverage tool is used to measure which source code is executed when a particular test suite runs. So you can know which part of a project isn't yet tested and improve software quality.

Introducing biology

Since now, I will try to free (or make public) a new project every month. These projects mainly come from a private incubator I handle at . This month, I released  biology  : a study to train a neural network to handle Non-Playable Characters. This is a C++ gui application using wxwidgets as GUI toolkit. Another dependency is libfann , a neural network library.

How to use github API on a static webpage

For the new rainbrurpg homepage , I would like to dynamically add the github's repositories status, for example the last commits.

Introducing librlgl

Today, I'm freeing a new rainbrurpg -related project. Its repository is now located at . This library will be a fundamental piece in the RainbruRPG's ecosystem, providing the graphical content of the game client. This code is designed to be used as a git submodule (as libwsmeta ) to provide dependency check and library building. The aim of this project is to define a DSL used to generate and use complete 3D worlds.

How to use MongoDB on travis-ci

Using continuous integration for rainbrurph , I need the mongodb database and C libraries. Unfortunately, I had issue using it on Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS, the distribution used on travis-ci. To make it work, we'll have to : install database components from the official MongoDB repositories; manually build the latest release of the official C libraries; add /usr/local/ to ld.conf to make your build system discover the newly installed library.